Q. What is herpEASE?

A. herpEASE is a medication for genital herpes outbreaks. herpEASE is a natural compound that was developed by a person with genital herpes as a way to treat genital herpes. herpEASE is a powder.

Q. How do I use herpEASE?

A. Place it on external body parts where a genital herpes outbreak is taking place. Apply one dosage of herpEASE genital herpes treatment to an outbreak. Once you've dosed an outbreak with herpEASE one time, that outbreak has been treated for its duration.

Q. Will herpEASE affect my future outbreaks?

A. Yes! One of the exciting effects of herpEASE genital herpes treatment is its ability to reduce future outbreaks or eliminate them altogether -- and it significantly reduces or eliminates prodrome pain and discomfort. We think this is accomplished by herpEASE destroying the herpes virus receptors along the skin surface. The herpes virus travels a specific path during an outbreak: this is one of herpes' defining traits. herpEASE appears to do significant damage to this virus track, and the result is outbreak elimination and/or outbreaks of considerably diminished severity.

Q. So I'll never have another outbreak again?

A. You'll either not have another outbreak or a significant reduction in outbreak frequency and intensity within a treated area. Genital herpes outbreaks occur over an area of the genitals: an outbreak here, an outbreak over there, etc. This outbreak area is relatively small, but genital herpes does not just happen in one specific spot and that's it. Observe your outbreaks. Do they spread out over an area of your genitals? Each section of this affected area is fertile for a genital herpes outbreak. Once you begin to use herpEASE genital herpes treatment you'll notice that outbreak areas you treat won't have more outbreaks, or the outbreaks will be vastly reduced in severity and discomfort; but the next time you have an outbreak, a month or two down the road, a different area will break out with herpes. So you treat that area, and then it becomes infertile. Think of it as a field: if you spread salt over an area of field, nothing more will grow there -- but something may pop up a foot away. The principle is the same with herpEASE genital herpes treatment: one-by-one, you neutralize all of your herpes "hot spots".

Q. How quickly will I see results?

A. herpEASE genital herpes treatment has been shown to neutralize a herpes outbreak, stop it from spreading across an infected area, and send the outbreak to the scabbing/healing phase within a few hours. It may take as long as 48 hours for the outbreak to completely reach the scabbing/healing phase.

Q. How long will the scabs last?

A. That's more a function of your own healing properties than what herpEASE does. How long were the scabs in place when you last had an outbreak? How long would a scab be in place if you cut your finger? It's an individual thing really. However, any scab on your body, regardless of its origins, should be gone within a few days.

Q. Why is there scabbing?

A. Scabbing occurs when the blisters that typically accompany a genital herpes outbreak heal. When the blisters break and then heal, they scab. The scabbing isn't caused by herpEASE itself: it's part of the natural healing process.

Q. Once the scabs have healed, will they leave a mark?

A. This has been known to happen. This is not a function of using herpEASE genital herpes treatment, but is rather a part of the healing process. Untreated genital herpes outbreaks will usually scab at the end of the outbreak phase, and these scabs sometimes leave marks. Marking around an outbreak area after the outbreak has cleared is not atypical, and using herpEASE genital herpes treatment won't prevent marking on the skin from taking place.

Q. When should I use herpEASE?

A. As soon as you're able to view the symptoms of an outbreak. The reason for this is simple: If you can't see the outbreak, how do you know where to apply herpEASE? As with any medication for genital herpes, the sooner you apply herpEASE to an outbreak, the better your results will be; so apply herpEASE to an outbreak at the earliest point possible.

Q. So what if I buy herpEASE and it doesn't work? Will I get a refund?

A. It will work. But if you aren't satisfied with herpEASE genital herpes treatment, you are entitled to a refund -- however: You must have used herpEASE as directed, for the purpose it was intended. You must have given herpEASE a fair opportunity to work. What's fair? At least a 48 hour period after applying herpEASE to notice a progressive change in an outbreak toward the scabbing/healing phase. Unused portions of herpEASE must be returned. If you have nothing to return, you've used the entire dose you paid for and there's no reasonable claim to a refund. Refund claims must be presented within 30 days of purchase. Only the cost of herpEASE genital herpes treatment will be refunded: any shipping and handling costs you incurred on your purchase will not be refunded, and shipping and handling for the unused portion of herpEASE back to us is a cost that you assume. Lastly, we reserve the right to accept or reject refund cases on an individual basis.

Q. Doesn't sound like a very customer-friendly policy.

A. We love herpEASE customers! They make the world go around! Please understand that as a business, we have to be vigilant about every resource that we use. Most consumers are entirely honest, but some would abuse a refund system if they could. Also, we think it's only fair that people take some responsibility for what they purchase, and for what they presume a product will do. If you have reasonable expectations about using herpEASE genital herpes treatment and those expectations aren't met, you are absolutely entitled to a refund.

Q. Why do I have to pay for shipping if I'm sending my dosage of herpEASE back to you?

A. Think about it this way: If you went to a store and bought a product and were dissatisfied with it, would the store arrange to have someone come to your home and pick the product up? Almost certainly not. You'd have to drive back down to the store to get a refund. There's a certain cost that the consumer must accept in a business transaction if the business is going to survive.

Q. If I'm dissatisfied with herpEASE, why don't you refund the costs I had to pay to have herpEASE shipped to me in the first place?

A. We don't keep that funding: it's paid to the United States Postal Service to ship your herpEASE genital herpes treatment to you. Any time you go shopping, there are costs you incur besides actually paying for the product: gas to get to the store, for example, or the cost of public transportation if that's how you travel. Would you ask a store you're seeking a refund from to reimburse you for gas? Getting the product and the consumer together so that a transaction can take place is a cost, and it's almost always paid by the consumer. And it has to be that way if businesses are going to survive.

Think about this: If we were a brick and mortar store and not an Internet merchant, how much might it cost you to drive to our store and buy your order of herpEASE? And if you were dissatisfied, how much might it cost you to drive to our store to get a refund? We'd guess that in most cases, it would cost you more than it costs you for shipping under our current refund policy.

Q. Does herpEASE have FDA approval?

A. herpEASE genital herpes treatment does not have the approval of the U.S. FDA or the equivalent agency of any other country.

Q. Doesn't that mean it's not safe?

A. No. Many remedies and herbs and vitamins, etc. are not approved by the U.S. FDA or any other regulatory agency for the purpose of treating conditions they claim to treat. Health food stores are full of these kinds of products. Are these products unsafe? A few of them are, but many are not only safe, but effective too. Lots of us swear by "nontraditional" therapies that don't have any sort of government approval. Government regulatory agencies like the FDA are important institutions that serve a vital role in society, but they don't have a monopoly on identifying effective treatments -- and nothing takes the place of an individual using good judgment about their own health.

Q. Does herpEASE have any side effects?

A. Some irritation when applied to outbreak areas may occur. Itching and irritation can occur as the outbreak heals. Scabbing as well, which we talked about previously. People may respond to herpEASE in different ways, but we've never observed anyone respond to it extremely, or be unable to tolerate it. We believe herpEASE is as benign as any medication for genital herpes currently on the market.

Q. Will using herpEASE make me less likely to infect someone with genital herpes?

A. No. herpEASE has no bearing that we're aware of on reducing genital herpes transmission.

Q. How much is herpEASE?

A. herpEASE genital herpes treatment sells for $45 for one half ounce of treatment powder, a good bargain when you consider that herpEASE is applied to an outbreak one time, and only as much herpEASE is used as is needed to give an outbreak area a thin coating. If used properly, one order of herpEASE genital herpes treatment should easily last you through several outbreaks -- perhaps for as long as a year. Note: The $45 cost is for U.S. orders that are not insured for delivery.

Q. What about shipping?

A. We are excited to announce that customers who live within the continental United States qualify for free shipping of their herpEASE orders! This is our way of thanking people for trying herpEASE genital herpes treatment for themselves. This offer is subject to change however, so take advantage of it while you can.

Q. Can I place an order over the telephone, or through the mail?

A. To ensure the highest level of purchasing safety and security, we only accept orders through our website.

Q. Do you accept checks?

A. E-Checks are accepted as a form of payment. E-Check orders will not be processed until e-Check funds have cleared.

Q. Do you accept cash?

A. We do not accept cash as payment for herpEASE orders.